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… Ou carbonate de lithium. Je ne peux plus refuser d’essayer ce traitement plus longtemps ; c’est devenu une question de survie.  

Portishead – Wandering Star

Tricky (cf. post précédent) m’a fait penser à Portishead. Il avaient utilisé le même sample d’Isaac Hayes pour Hell Is Round the Corner (Tricky) et Glory Box (Portishead). Alors, voici un morceau de Portishead. Mon préféré.  

Tricky – Hell is Round the Corner

I stand firm for our soil, Lick a rock on foil. They juice me, seduce me, Dress me up in Stussy. Hell is round the corner where I shelter. Isms and schisms, we’re living helter skelter. If you believe or deceive, common sense says you shouldn’t receive. Let me take you down the corridors of […]

Alice in Chains – Dirt

  I have never felt such frustration or lack of self control. I want you to kill me and dig me under; I wanna live no more. One who doesn’t care is one who shouldn’t be. I’ve tried to hide myself from what is wrong for me … for me. I want to taste dirty, […]